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AirScape - Installation

DIY Installation: 2.5e Overview

Basic tools and supplies

Tools and supplies required

  • Screw driver
  • Key hole or reciprocating saw
  • Lumber
  • High quality caulk
  • Network cable to connect the fan to your LAN router (optional)


  • Read the manual. This is a brief overview and may not include all the steps and details you need to install your fan

    Cut out and frame the rough opening


    • Frame the rough opening using existing attic joists
    • Cut out the drywal
    • Cut out the drywall

    Additional info

    • The framing of the rough opening will be determined by your attic access
    • Please refer to installation manuall for exact framing details

      Secure the unit

      Secure the damper box

      • Position the unit over the framed opening
      • Make sure the junction box is easily accessible
      • Secure the unit to the framing with provided screws
      • Attach the collar with provided screws

          Fan installation

          Hang the fan

          • Attach 4 S-hooks to 4 D-rings on the fan
          • Use 4 lengths of provided chain to hang the fan from the attic rafters
          • Close all S-hooks
          • Tape down the unused D-rings

              Ductwork installation

              Attach the duct work

              • Attach one end of the duct work to the damper box collar
              • Attach the other end of the duct work to the fan collar
              • Secure with provided screws and foil tape

                  Wall switch installation

                  Wall switch wiring

                  • Run supplied RJ45 cable from the damper mounted control box to the wall switch location
                  • Plug one end of the cable into the red port on the control box labelled W/S - wall switch
                  • Plug the other end of the cable into the back of the wall switch
                  • Secure the switch to the wall


                  • Optional remote control
                  • Shut down interlock as well as the SafeSpeed DPS interlock
                  • Connect the fan to your LAN router to enable the web control interface

                    Grille installation

                    Install the grille

                    • Caulk all framing joints
                    • Caulk the seam between the framing and the damper box
                    • Secure the grille with the provided screws

                        Final steps and Operation

                        Plug it in

                        • Confirm all wiring connections are complete and correct
                        • Plug the fan control cord (RJ45 cable) to the damper box mounted control box
                        • Plug the damper box and fan power cord into 110-volt outlets

                        Unit operation

                        • Turn the unit on
                        • Damper doors open and then fan turns on
                        • Verify low and high speed operation
                        • Turn unit off
                        • Fan turns off and damper doors close

                          2.5e Installation Overview