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AirScape vs Air Conditioning

Whole house fan technology is energy efficient, natural cooling. AirScape Whole House Fans quietly and efficiently work to draw hot air out of your home, and re-circulate the cool, fresh air that is brought in. But the Designers and Engineers at AirScape went even further by developing and rigorously testing a complete line of products with modern-day needs in mind. The result: AirScape whole house fans that are precision engineered and tested to the highest industry standards and can help you enhance, reduce or even eliminate Air Conditioning.

AirScape fans use an entirely different approach. Using precision fans and employing sophisticated noise reduction strategies, AirScape fans are designed to work quietly, at lower CFMs, using much less power, to effectively cool your house throughout the night. This approach is much more efficient and better-suited to modern homes and lifestyles.

The cooling challenge

Many two-storey homes -- and particularly older ones -- have trouble with hot bedrooms that simply don't cool down even with the A/C running. You can use your A/C system to remove all this heat but that's expensive and requires you to spend your evenings sealed up indoors.

Mounted between your living space and the attic, the Whole House Fan introduces the cool outside air through open windows while forcing the hottest indoor air into the attic and out through existing roof vents. This cycle steadily draws heat out of the structure, so you start the next day with a cool house, delaying or completely eliminating A/C use. Engineered to run quietly all night, the net results - fresh, cool evening air in your home, a cool house the next day, and significantly reduced energy costs.

Is a Whole House Fan right for my home?

A whole house fan is effective whenever the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature -- typically in the evenings and at night. Rule of thumb, when outdoor temperatures are below 82 degrees and the relative humidity is less than 75 percent, an AirScape Whole House Fan can cool a house by itself, and reduce your energy bills by up to 50%.

Whole house fans have been known to be dramatically effective and efficient for climates with hot days and cool nights, with low humidity. The warmer and more humid the evening air, the less effective natural cooling becomes, but most US regions can tap into natural cooling during at least part of the year.

In the Western states people use whole house fans year-round to reduce or completely eliminate Air Conditioning. Throughout the North East a Whole House Fan is the perfect solution for shoulder seasons, or anytime there is moderate weather. Our Whole House Fan Sizer will help you determine which is the best solution for you.

Substantially reduce your energy consumption and save money

Studies consistently prove that air conditioning is the biggest electricity user in many homes. An AirScape whole house fan can enhance, reduce and even eliminate the need for A/C and dramatically lower home energy consumption. Our advanced designs, constructed with industrial components consistently deliver whisper-quiet efficiency, are easy to install, resulting in a natural cooling solution.

With a reduction in energy consumption plus a utility rebate, average savings easily outweigh the initial cost. Check Out our Energy Savings Calculator to see for yourself. And of course, reducing electricity use means reducing CO2 emissions — so you’re doing good for our planet too.


Remember, a whole house fan...

  • does not dehumidify
  • is only effective when outdoor air is cooler than indoor air
  • requires at least one open window to replace the air exhausted

Your AirScape Whole House Fan will...

  • save energy with a smart cooling that is good for the environment
  • provide natural ventilation throughout the house to reduce, enhance or eliminate dependence on expensive A/C
  • create a comfortable and livable home

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