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AirScape is not like old-style whole house fans

Definitely not your father's
whole house fan.

The passionate engineers at AirScape have created a family of energy efficient natural cooling and ventilation products that are cost effective for today’s needs. Using precision fans, industrial grade components, solid state electronics, and sophisticated noise reduction strategies, our fans fit into a wide variety of homes and buildings. All AirScape Whole House Fans have these innovative standard features.

Outstanding energy efficiency

On high speed, for example the AirScape 1.7 uses just 157 watts of power – the equivalent of a light bulb, on low a remarkable 78 watts. All Whole House Fans have energy efficient motors and are recognized as an effective tool to reduce energy consumption. Compare that to air conditioning -- about 3300 watts for a 3 ton AC unit, easy to see the difference.

Automatic insulating doors

Operated by a commercial grade actuator that seals against an industrial grade gasket, automatic insulated doors close tight when not in use. This eliminates air leakage, heat loss and attic condensation. Our unique design delivers extra noise reduction from soft fiberglass insulation.

Premimum White Aluminum Cube Core Grille

Elegance merged with high flow design delivers enhanced noise reduction that blends seamlessly into your décor.

High power, low noise

Utilizing precision computer-room or industrial grade fans, or a motorized impeller, you are guaranteed robust, reliable energy efficient CFM when you need it most. At high-speed, maximum CFM quickly cools your house, at low speed, whisper quiet CFM runs quietly for worry free nighttime operation.

Easy installation

With an exceptionally small footprint, all AirScape Fans mounts between standard joists, either on 16-inch or 24-inch centers using pre-drilled tabs. Designed to fit through their own mounting hole, no other attic access is required. Equipped with a standard plug and optional remote control, installation is a snap.

Innovative Controls

Exclusive to AirScape, innovative remote and wired control solutions offer convenient operation and easy installation. Choose either timer or programmable controllers, featuring precision time and temperature accuracy. Reliable, easy to install and use with our controls work seamlessly with all AirScape Fans.

Maintenance free operation

Proudly manufactured in North America with metal construction, industry grade components, and solid-state electronics guarantees years of maintenance free operation. All whole house fans and controls are triple tested to ensure quality and backed by a 3-year warranty with superior technical support.

Watch our Acoustics Videos: Hear How Quiet AirScape Whole House Fans Really Are