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Across the country the words “It’s too hot to sleep!” are heard every summer.

The long hazy, hot days of summer turn a two-story home into a heat trap. Why? Hot air rises. HVAC systems were designed to optimize heating for all weather climates, with inadequate ducting to move cool air into hot bedrooms. Add to that attics that have been poorly insulated which dramatically accelerates heat build-up during the day.

The unhappy result is upstairs bedrooms that do not cool off until dawn is approaching, thanks to the combination of tremendous heat buildup and inefficient A/C. So you find yourself often lying in bed, sweating, even though the outdoor temperature has become very pleasantly cool. It's frustrating. And it's expensive to fight this problem by running AC and turning the basement into a refrigerator.

An AIrScape Whole House Fan and Solar Attic Fan will not only solve your problem, but save you money as well. Our engineered fans work to bring in the cool outdoor air, and circulate it through the house, moving it out through the attic. Turn on your AirScape after the sun goes down, and by the time you are ready for bed, the upstairs air is fresher and cooler. Our recommendation, when outdoor temperatures are below 82 degrees and the relative humidity is less than 75 percent, an AirScape Whole House Fan can cool a house quickly and run throughout the night to start the next day with a pre-cooled space.

Paired with an AirScape Solar Attic Fan, which runs from dawn to dusk and effectively lowers the attic temperature, gives you a running start on your evening cooling. Without extra energy costs.

Experience energy efficient natural cooling with AirScape, the commonsense solution for comfort.

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