2nd Generation Controls Explained

What are they?

2nd Gen Controls is an advanced controls package integrated into some of our whole house fans (not compatible with the Digital Touch Controller). It allows you to operate your whole house fan from a number of locations and in different ways. Do you like to use a hardwired switch? We include one in the package. Do you prefer wireless remote controls so you can switch off the fan from a bedroom? Our units are all remote control ready (available as an option).

Airscape network control

The controls allow the use of multiple remotes so if you would like to have 2 or more through out the house that is possible as well. Each hardwired switch or wireless remote has the convenient timer function (1-12 hours).

One of the coolest features of the 2nd Gen Controls is the WHF accessibility over your home network.

That means you can control your whole house fan or view its status from your desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. It just has to be connected to the same home network that the WHF is plugged into. Note that the WHF has to be connected to your network/router via a CAT5/6 network cable - it is not wireless. We do not include the network cable since distance to the router varies with every installation.


What is included?

We include 1 wired controller with the package, but keep in mind that wireless remotes can be added to your order as an option. The wired portion of AirScape 2nd Gen Controls come with CAT-5 cables for click connection of parts. Here is the list of 2nd Gen Controls parts:

- Wired wall mounted switch with timer
- Wireless handheld transmitter with timer (optional)
- Wireless receiver (optional)
- Wall mount bracket
- Web control ready (phone not included)
- CAT-5 cables for the hardwired switch

Airscape 2nd Gen Controls


android app Android and Apple iOS apps for controlling your Gen 2 controls whole house fan are now available on the Google Play store and the iTunes AppStore.

Keep in mind the apps do not replace the web interface or other control methods. They are alternate ways to find and control the whole house fan on your network with a smartphone or tablet.

With the AirScape Fan Controller app, you can:
* Conveniently SCAN your network (LAN) and find all connected AirScape whole house fans
* CONTROL any of the connected fans via the buttons on the app, just like a remote control
* VIEW status/temperatures/timer/SafeSpeed/interlock messages
* RENAME (assign custom names) to each whole house fan for easy identification
* ASSIGN a manual entry IP address to a whole house fan to eliminate the need for scanning on non-standard networks

Note that the app must be installed on a device connected to your local network (wifi on phones). It does not operate over phone carrier networks (3G/4G, etc.). Only AirScape whole house fans equipped with 2nd Gen Controls and connected to your local network can be found and controlled.

Do you have the TSP?

Airscape tsp sensor package

The Temperature Sensor Package (TSP) allows you to view the attic, outside and space temperatures so you know exactly what your system is doing.

Check out more info on the TSP here.