TSP Temperature Sensor Package

What is it?

The temperature sensor package (TSP) is an optional accessory pack available for AirScape whole house fans produced after July of 2013 with GEN 2 Controls (not compatible with the Digital Touch Controller). If you would like to retrofit the TSP onto an older whole house fan please give us a call as it may be possible depending on the model and vintage.

This package of extra sensors allows whole house fan owners to view room, outside, and attic temperatures as well as the current status and cooling capacity data via the apps or web interface.

How can I view the data?

Airscape data gathering

If you have purchased the TSP package, you can view the fan status as well as all the sensors from your desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. The viewing device has to be connected to the same home network that the WHF is plugged into.

Note that the WHF has to be connected to your network/router via a CAT5/6 network cable - it is not wireless.

If you have an automation system in your home, you can view and gather this data (as well as control the fan) using the automation system via our Gen 2 Controls API. This assumes the automation system is connected to the same network as the whole house fan and has integration capabilities.




The TSP package adds room, outdoor and attic temperature sensors (some whole house fans already have the attic temperature sensor included).

Airscape TSP sensors

The room (space) temperature sensor is attached to the hardwired switch that controls the whole house fan. The outdoor temperature sensor is mounted in a robust PVC cap style enclosure and is typically installed on the north side of the house away from direct sunlight. In keeping with our plug and play installation philosophy, the temperature sensors are connected via Cat5e ethernet cables which are included with the TSP package.


Can I still control the WHF through my smartphone/tablet?

Airscape network control

Yes, absolutely!

One of the coolest features of the 2nd Gen Controls is the WHF accessibility over your home network.

That means you can control your whole house fan or view its status from your desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. It just has to be connected to the same home network that the WHF is plugged into.

Don't forget that the 2nd Gen Controls also come with a hardwired switch and an optional wireless remote control so you have a full range of control choices.