Calculate and Visualize Bathroom Ventilation

We are big believers in good bathroom ventilation. It's part of living well, and part of that is NOT hearing your bathroom fan. It takes about 30 seconds to calculate airflow for your bathroom, and if you spend another 2 minutes reading, you'll know as much as we do.

A) Room Width

Move the slider to enter bathroom width

B) Room Length

Move the slider to enter bathroom length

C) Room Height

Move the slider to enter bathroom height

D) AirFlow (cfm)

Adjust CFM for Ventilation Quality

Ventilation Quality
Fog Level

Why So Much Air ?
  • Bathroom ventilation has to be selected for peak usage (You don't buy a car by 'average' horsepower )
  • Fresh entering air dilutes vapor and odors - You can't 'flush' the air in a room all at once.
  • It's actually more efficient to exhaust properly and quickly, rather than inadequate ventilation for a long time.
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