Our secret weapon for making the best fans in the business

Unlike our competitors (see our blog post on the Truth in Airflow), we rigorously test and refine all our designs in our very own test chamber we like to call AirLab. In fact, we also do engineering QA for other HVAC companies up and down the west coast. Why did we build AirLab? Because it’s what you need to build the most powerful, efficient and quiet whole house fans. It’s a huge competitive advantage.

And it is important for consumers. We test all of our units to ensure that when we say, for instance, that one of our fans moves 1710 CFM at 157 watts, it actually DOES move 1710 CFM AT 157 watts. All of our whole house fans are tested as you would install them in your home. Often, the other guys will just test the fan itself and “forget” to test their WHF as a system (fan, duct, damper and grille). This kind of testing leads to misleading results, specifically greater CFM and lower watts than when installed correctly.