How to fix hot bedrooms

Hot 2nd floor bedrooms? We've got your solution.

The problem

Are your upstairs bedrooms frustratingly hot, often not cooling off until dawn is approaching? Do you find yourself lying in bed sweating, even when the outdoor temperature is pleasantly cool? It's frustrating. And it's expensive to fight this problem by running A/C and turning the basement into a refrigerator, if that even works.

The causes

First, let's look at why this is happening—there's typically three main forces at work. First is simply that hot air rises, naturally pooling upstairs. Second, most HVAC systems in four-season climates were designed for heating, with inadequate ducting to move enough cool air up into bedrooms. And finally, older homes often have poorly insulated attics, which can dramatically accelerate 2nd floor heat build-up during the day.

The smart, natural solution

It's simple. Cool your bedrooms with fresh cool evening air that lies just outside your overheated walls.

An AirScape whole house fan will not only solve your problem, but save you money as well, using the naturally cool evening air instead of expensively conditioning your own.

Turn on your AirScape after the sun goes down, and by the time you are ready for bed, the upstairs air will be fresh and cool. A long as the outdoor temperature falls below 80 degrees and the relative humidity is less than 75 percent, an AirScape whole house fan can create a comfortable sleeping environment for everyone in the home.

So stop working against mother nature, and working with her. Install an AirScape in your home. You'll sleep better, and save a ton of energy too.