Get your whole house fan and beat the heat!

Modern vs. traditional whole house fans

Definitely not your father’s whole house fan.

Whole house fans are a century-old idea, but a modern AirScape fan has little in common with the huge noisy monsters from days of old. AirScape is whole house ventilation reengineered for our modern era, using precision fans, industrial grade components, solid state electronics, and sophisticated noise reduction strategies. All AirScape whole house fans feature:

Outstanding energy efficiency

Thanks to premium, high-tech ECM motors and meticulous design, AirScape whole house fans are the most energy-efficient on the market. For example, on medium speed, one of our mid-size systems generates over 2900 CFM using just 167 watts of power. Compare that to a typical 3-ton air conditioning unit that uses about 3300 watts!

High power, low noise

AirScape's ducted design insulates fan noise from your home interior. At high-speed, powerful airflow quickly cools your house without disturbing your evening activities. At low speed, you can ventilate all night without noticing any fan noise at all, even right under the grill.

Automatic insulated dampers

Our Sierra line features our exclusive Power Airlock™ dampers, with R-49 insulation. Industrial-grade actuators automatically open and close these dampers' doors, providing an airtight seal and thermal barrier between your living space and attic. This eliminates air leakage, heat loss and condensation, all critical in winter climate zones.

Blends with your décor

Every AirScape whole house fan comes standard with a white aluminum cube-core grille. This premium grille features high flow design and enhanced noise reduction with a sophisticated architectural look that blends elegantly into your ceiling.

Easy installation

AirScape fans are designed to mount on or between standard joists, either 16" or 24" on-center and all components have been designed to fit through each fan's rough opening. Equipped with a factory-installed power cord and low-voltage, “plug and play” controls, installation is a snap.

Maintenance free operation

Proudly manufactured in Oregon with metal construction, industrial-grade components and solid-state electronics, AirScape systems are designed for years of maintenance free operation.