Whole house fans vs. central air conditioning

Go natural. It’s cool, smart, green and healthy.

AirScape whole house fans provide energy efficient, natural cooling. Depending on your climate and usage preferences, you can substantially reduce or even eliminate air conditioning, saving 50-90% on your home cooling energy use.

Be cool, green and healthy

Air conditioning is energy-intensive. That makes it costly, in terms of money and natural resources.

A typical mid-size 3-ton A/C unit draws 3300 Watts. In contrast, a typical mid-size AirScape running on medium (it spends most of its time running on low) draws just 167 Watts.

Manufacturing your own refrigerated air is expensive and extravagant. Using the cool air that mother nature provides is just smart and responsible. It's the future. In fact, whole house ventilation is now written into the Title 24 home energy efficiency program in the state of California.

It's also healthier. Living inside a sealed environment can expose you and your family to high levels of indoor air pollution, with potentially serious health risks. A natural cooling system fills your home with fresh outdoor air, so you feel more energized and alive. Beyond the substantial energy savings, this benefit is one of the most valued in customer testimonials.

When it works best

An AirScape whole house fan is effective whenever the outside temperature is lower than the indoor temperature—typically evenings nighttime. As a rule of thumb, when outdoor temperatures are below 80 degrees and the relative humidity is less than 75 percent, your AirScape can effectively cool your home.

Regions and seasons

Whole house fans are extremely effective and efficient in climates with hot days, cool nights and low humidity. The warmer and more humid the evening air, the less effective natural cooling becomes. Most US regions can tap into natural cooling benefits at least part of the year.

In the Western states people use whole house fans year-round to reduce or even eliminate air conditioning. Throughout the Northeast a whole house fan is the perfect solution for shoulder seasons, or anytime evenings are cooler and dryer.