Title 24

Ventilation cooling is now in the California building code

When we say “Title 24,” we are referring to to the California Building Standards Code, which is contained in Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations. Title 24 contains the state's building codes, which govern how structures of all types are constructed. The Electrical Code, for examples, sets out the state's requirements for electrical wiring, and the Fire Code governs life safety concerns such as fire alarm and emergency egress requirements.

At AirScape, the section of Title 24 which governs our products is part 6, the Energy Code, which sets out energy-efficiency requirements for buildings and appliances. The Energy Code requires that all new appliances sold, and all new buildings constructed in the state meet certain efficiency standards.

In the case of new single family construction, there are a number of different pathways and options for meeting California's energy-efficiency requirements under Title 24. One of the options is to install a whole house fan—though doing so will not be completely adequate by itself, other measures will be necessary as well. However, in order to qualify, the whole house fan's performance must be tested in a certified lab, and then the results listed in the California Energy Commission's “Appliance Efficiency Database.”

AirScape tests all the performance of all our fans using our AirLab test chamber, which is certified. We list the results of our performance testing in the appliance efficiency database. Thus, every AirScape whole house fan can be used to meet Title 24's requirements.